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In addition to Fairport Capital we also have a Registered Investment Advisory company called Fairport Advisors, Inc. which allows our Reps to charge Management Fees vs. Commissions. Fairport Advisors is a Connecticut based Advisory firm. This Advisory Service opens the door for Representatives to recommend the broad universe of both load and non-load mutual funds. It also allows Reps to execute purchases and sales of both public stocks and bonds for their clients.

Fairport offers its Reps an exclusive arrangement with Daly Insurance Company of Farmington, CT whereby Daly will handle all of Fairport’s Back Office administration for Fixed Life Insurance Products. Because of this relationship Fairport Reps are able to receive comprehensive insurance “quotes” from a multitude of Insurance Companies before recommending a particular policy to a client.

Fairport strives to attract independent, self-motivated financial planners. The key advantage Fairport has in attracting these entrepreneurial businessmen
and women (in addition to attractive payout rates on commissions/fees) is our flexibility in meeting the needs of the individual Representative.

Fairport’s typical Rep has generally developed a “certain comfort level” over the years with various Mutual Funds, Insurance products and Partnership sponsors. As such, Fairport is happy to take on most programs as long as they meet our due diligence criteria. Fairport tries to give its Reps those programs with which they feel comfortable in order to increase their sales potential.

Fairport doesn’t believe in limiting a Rep’s availability to product. The more sales a Rep is able to generate - within the approved guidelines - the better for both himself and Fairport.

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